Saturday, January 22, 2011

I'm A Kraft Foodie

I've been making Kraft Recipes all week. I know I've talked about it before but I just love this site! You can pick your recipes and then add them to your shopping list and wahhlaaa you have your menu and all the stuff you have to buy for it. Last week I picked 7 recipes. I've made all but one, which is tomorrow nights dinner.

Here was my menu

I didn't make any substitutions for this. My meat wasn't a great quality but it was still pretty good! I took the left overs to work and everyone was oooing and aaahhing over them. 

I was too cheap to pay for asparagus out of season so I tried a can of asparagus. It pretty much disintegrated but I guess the flavor was still there.  This recipe makes quite a bit, enough for lunches and a bit more left over. It's really good. I think I've made it before with zucchini instead of asparagus too.

I only used one onion on this since it seemed like  TON of onion. It was still a lot with the one onion and a ton of paprika (reminds me I need to add that to my shopping list since it used what was left!). It just tasted kind of WEIRD. I dunno. I forced some left overs on Scott for lunch and then we threw out what was left. Won't make this one again, guess they all can't be winners.

I read the reviews on this one and a lot of people said it needed more flavor. I only had one pack of the frozen spinach (since that's all it said on my shopping list for some reason). I bought cottage cheese instead of the ricotta (we like that better). When it was done I poured the whole can of spaghetti sauce over the top. It was delicious!

I didn't use the recipe for this, just threw them together. We always use tomato sauce instead of pizza sauce since we like it better. We add salami and olives and mushrooms if I remember to buy them. These are super quick to whip up and one of my stores I shop at sells this HUGE package of English muffins for $2 something.

I made this for dinner tonight and served it over mashed potatoes. It was the bomb! Best one out of the bunch! I used cubed steaks instead of the meat they said but kept everything else the same.

(has a video instead of picture)

This is for dinner tomorrow night. I need to make my menu for next week! I'm going to try and make stuff that is  corresponding with what's on sale.  I'll make it in the morning when my "lists" come out. (

It was so nice having all my meals picked out, all the ingredients to cook them and on most days, lunches from the leftovers.

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Pamela said...

I love your blog! I'm gonna try the mini pizza recipe :-) Thanks!

Mary~Momathon said...

Thank you! I'm in a whats-for-dinner rut.

Sara Strand said...

Do you get their quarterly mag? It's like $12 for a year but WORTH it. I use everything in them and then save them because so many of the recipes are great and I use them over and over again. :)

Jennifer Owens said...

Wow, you're doing awesome on the cooking more resolution. Good for you! (o: Those meals look tasty!

Chris H said...

WEll done on all the cooking.
We are given the impression most of you Americans live on fast food.... I'm sure it's not true!

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