Tuesday, January 11, 2011

When They Grow Up..

I was just reading the Pioneer Woman's latest 10 posts or so. Yeah. I'm a bit behind in my Google Reader. 

She has these cute pictures of her son in a sock monkey hat here

And that's when a thought occurred to me. We are making a whole new generational "thing". Us blogging moms. These online scrapbooks, bits of pieces of our lives, of our children. Through our eyes. The good, the bad and the ugly. 

I wonder what our kids will think when they are older of what we posted about them? Will they get mad that we posted silly pictures of them in sock monkey hats? 

Will they read our blogs and see that we are human? With real feelings and pains and learn just HOW HARD IT IS? How hard it is to be a mom, a wife, a co-worker?

Maybe they'll Google their favorite recipe that we make. Look for that cute craft we did. The pictures of them and their date they had to that dance.

Kind of weird to think about isn't it?

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Chris H said...

I am lucky as most of my kids are already grown up ... and they love reading my blog... it makes them feel like they still live at home in a way.
They know what is happening with us all the time, they don't mind me putting photos on the blog of them either.... which is great cos I do it every chance I get!

Jennifer Owens said...

I've DEFINITELY thought about this. Mostly because my mom is no longer here. I am left with so many questions about my childhood and her thoughts on being a mom. I wish I knew more about her and I cling to every written thing I have (notes, letters, cards, etc) because it's just a little bit of insight into who she was. I have a feeling that Tommy or any other children we may or may not have, may not appreciate every story shared on my blog, but at some point when he's this mature old man and is a daddy himself, maybe he will have more of an insight to who I am and was as a mom and what my beliefs were/are as a believer too. It's cool keeping a record of daily life - I enjoy keeping it for ME, but I hope my kids will enjoy it someday too. (o:

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