Thursday, May 26, 2011

I give up!

Today's the last day to leave a comment here for the free book! Come back tomorrow for the winner and a chance to win ANOTHER free book. Must clear off the top of my dresser :) So far I only have 2 entries so you just might win! It's a good book so go enter!

So today started off wonderfully with Trevor refusing to get ready for school. He said he didn't feel good and he didn't want to go.

didn't want to go
didn't want to go
didn't want to go

Repeat that about 100000 more times and that's what I dealt with this morning at 6:30 am.

Finally after some persuading a spanking and yelling my head off he finally got dressed. I hate spanking my kids but what the hell are you supposed to do when they REFUSED to do what needs to be done? Taking things away does not work!

So I got to work and went out and did 2 field checks, which of course I got totally lost on and turned around on one because this intern guy was with me. Never happens when I'm by myself! On the way back Melissa called and wanted me to pick her up because she had a really really bad stomach ache. I went back to work and finished what I had to do and went and just picked up both kids and came home. 

There must be a reason God doesn't want me to work today right?

I thought about going back but I was going to get off early anyways since Trevor has a dentist appointment so I'd basically be driving a whole 'nother hour in the car for 1 1/2 hours more of work.

So I'm calling it a day.

Today is Trevor's last dentist appointment to get the rest of his horrible teeth taken care of. Then I can move onto the next child. God I hope her teeth are not in bad shape.

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