Monday, May 9, 2011

Where's Miss Manners?

So the other day at Trevor's baseball game I was sitting there watching the game. There was this mother sitting not too far from me and she had a little boy, probably about 4. The boy was super cute and had been bopping around the area.

At one point I was standing up so I could stretch my legs a bit and I noticed her wandering around looking for her boy. I was like "did you lose your little boy?" and she's all "yeah he's usually pretty good about staying close". So a few minutes go by and she's still looking. And starting to look more frantic. So I kind of walk around a bit and see him back behind some bleachers kind of out of sight. I tell him, "hey little boy, you're mom is looking for you, she's getting worried because she can't find you".

So he kind of follows me and I had seen the mom headed towards the parking lot area so I was walking toward the edge to see if I could see her. The little boy was walking behind me a bit. They must have been from the other team because someone called him over and I was like  "oh I was looking for his mom since I found him". He walks towards the people and the mom finally comes over and I'm like "he was over by the bleachers".

She just kind of gave me a little glance then went to the kid. Next thing I know she's picking up her chair and moving over by the other people. She never even said "thanks" or "go f&k yourself" or anything. Kind of acted like I was a stalker or something.

People are so weird now a days. Whatever happened to having some manners? I was only helping because I know that PANIC feeling you get when all of a sudden you can't find your kid. Guess next time I won't help.Pin It


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I'm sorry that mom had such disrepect and no manners. You did the right thing no matter what.

People are now paranoid of everyone and social skills like manners are all gone. It's so sad.

Sarah said...

You live in the wrong area I tell you!!! People around here bend over backwards for each other, and manners are a must!! Sad when times have come to that!!

Chris H said...

I'm sure you WILL HELP next time, cos not everyone is as rude as that mother.

Anonymous said...

how rude. You know you will help anyway!

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