Sunday, May 22, 2011


Saturday night we went to a Modesto Nuts game. The little league sold the tickets at a discounted price as a fundraiser. I had bought 4 ticket,s thinking it would be a fun outing and that at least one of the girls wouldn't want to go. Jessica declined to go and at the last minute I decided to ask my nephew to come with us, and I'd just buy another ticket when we got there.

Of course when we got there they had a sign saying all the general admission tickets were sold out. So I bought a ticket for the next seat up (a whole $3 more) and we all sat together in the general admissions area.  
Sometimes you just have to play the game.

The boys got to walk around the field. The coach said my nephew could come with them. It was nice his team is the same colors and he blended right in! Here's Trevor waving to the crowd, and my nephew right in front of him.

There are two mascots for their team. Wally (see top pic) and Al. Poor Al doesn't get much love compared to Wally. If you haven't guessed he's an almond. I think he looks kind of scary don't you?

After the kids got done walking around the field they came up to the stands and sat with us. Trevor promptly started whining that he was hungry over and over. I finally went and got him some food when I couldn't stand it anymore. After he was done with the hot dog he started whining that he wanted a souvenir. I of course only brought $40, $9 of which I used on the ticket to get in and all but the remaining 3 on the food. He whined and whined and whined and OMG it was annoying. Of course it didn't help that my nephew brought some money and was able to buy himself a ball. So on one of Scott's many trips to the bathroom (he had an upset stomach) I told him to see if there was a ball at the souvenir stand that he could pay for with his debit card. Lucky for my ears there was. AND it was 25 cents cheaper. 

Not that the kid should be rewarded for whining.

Then we actually watched the game in peace for awhile. Well except for dodging foul balls. I was sure either the kids or  I was going to get beamed in the head with a ball. Lucky for us they went a bit higher and to the left and right of us. 

THEN the boy started whining that his back was hurting. He had went to a birthday party and they had been swimming so he had a little sunburn. He was ok if he was sitting on my lap and I was lightly rubbing it. Which got old quick. Scott was whining too that he wanted to go before the traffic was bad. I just don't get the whole "let's leave before the game ends", but we left because I was tired of hearing everyone.

Next time I go to a game I think I'll leave the boys at home! 

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KatBouska said...

Leaving the boys at home sounds like a LOVELY option!! ;)

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