Monday, December 5, 2011

Finally Decking The Halls!

Well today was an interesting day! I got to work and about 2 hours later the power kind of did a little blip and then our computers didn't work again until 2:00. I go home at 2:30 so I spent some time doing this

and some of this

and went to lunch and came back and did some more.

Then finally it was almost time to go home and it came back up and I finished what I had started at like 9:00 am and then went home. Ultra productive day!!

I got home and set the Christmas tree up and got the lights all situated. They are strung on the tree but there are like 3 more male parts than female and it always takes me forever to figure out how to get it to work right. Then I added our musical Santa lights and had to get that to work with the plugs too. I'd get it to work and then the Santa's would stop working. Freaking nightmare. A few nasty words later I finally got it all going. Then I had to take a break to run to the grocery store since we were out of food.

Ran to the store and then came home and threw this recipe for Taco Pizza  in the oven.

It was really easy (once I realized that I was going to smush all the croissant pieces together and didn't have to arrange them so they fit perfect) and it was pretty good. There was just enough left to pack for lunch.

THEN, I made my son do his 7's multiplication homework. I had to go all mean mom and turn off the tv and threaten and everything. He eventually saw it my way and got them done.

By this time it was almost 9:00 but Melissa, Trevor and I got the tree done.

I love it :)

Tree Trimming 2010 (complained about the plugs back then too lol)
Tree Trimming 2008 (cussed the damn light plug things!)

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Ashley Urke | Domestic Fashionista said...

Ok, I love me some taco pizza. I have not had any in sooo long. Do you just top it with normal taco toppings or do you have a special recipe for it?

Your tree is beautiful! I love the hint of pink that is coming off the lights!

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