Friday, December 9, 2011

Reading Round Up

I finished listening to The Hour I First Believed the other day. I became totally addicted to listening to it until I was finished. My kids kept telling me they could hear all the words even though I had my ear buds on. I guess I need to invest in some you can't hear other than in your ears?

Anyhow, like someone commented when I first talked about this book, it's not really one that you would probably want to read again. It's REALLY long. Like in parts I was thinking, why are they including this new thing when we are so far into the story?? I could see how it was all weaving together but it was LONG. Did I say that yet?

It's also kind of a sad story. I did find it very interesting though and like I said I really wanted to find out what was going to happen and how things were going to be resolved. If you liked Wally Lamb's other books (I read She's Come Undone) I'd go ahead an give it a try but don't hate me if you don't like it. It seems to have a love or hate rating on Goodreads.

I've still been carrying The Dwelling Place back and forth to work every day. Which is the sequel to The Swan House, our Christian book club selection from two months ago. We were supposed to meet last month, that got moved to this month, and now we've moved it one more week since a lot of our kids have Christmas programs next Thursday. I'm going to need a refresher when we go so I can remember what it was about.

The Dwelling Place like I said is the sequel to The Swan House. In this book the main character from The Swan House, Mary Swan, has cancer. The new main character is her youngest daughter Ellie. Something has happened that has kept Ellie from being close to her mom. I'm about half way through and still don't know exactly what happened. I guess they'll get to eventually. I'm going to try and finish this up this weekend since I have the the latest Sue Grafton book from the library and I REALLY want to read that one.

Have you read any of the Sue Grafton books? She has the whole "alphabet" series of books. In the books the main character, who is a single woman and a private investigator, always finds herself in some kind of situation. The way that Sue Grafton writes the stories just draw me in and I usually can't put the book down. The newest one is V for Vengeance. It's just waiting patiently for me to finish The Dwelling Place.

Oh and I'm also listening to a new audio book. It's called "Sarah's Key". Mine has a different cover though. I'm only on disc 2 but so far it's about a ten year old girl in Paris. Her parents and her have been "rounded up" with other Jews by the French police and taken to a big stadium type place. Right before they left their apartment her little four year old brother hid in a secret cabinet in the wall. She locked him in and promised to come back for him. She has the key in her pocket and so far they are on their second day away.

While this story is going on there is another more current story also being told of an American woman who moved to Paris and married a French man. She has a little girl. She is researching this "Vel' d’Hiv’ Roundup" and I'm pretty sure someone in her circle, if not herself is going to be related to that family.  I'm not finding her story nearly as interesting because of course, I want to find out what happened to the little boy.

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Eric W. Harper said...

Is it really reading when you are listening? Just sayin'!

Chris H said...

I have read some of Sue Grafton's book, and like you love them.
I now want to know what happened to the little boy too!
clever authors suck you like that... so you just have to read to the book to find out!

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