Friday, March 30, 2012

Banned From Book Club. Again.

Last night I had my "Christian" book club meeting. We read Kisses From Katie this month. This is a bit of an inspirational book about Katie who at the young age of 14 had started to feel the pull to be a missionary in Uganda. After high school she ended up going there and soon became a mother of 14 young girls.

The whole story is pretty amazing. She has her own blog here if you would like to learn more about her.

While a couple of women in our group were all like "sign me up!" I want to go and do something more meaningful! I pretty much am on the other side thinking "I can't believe nothing bad has happened to her".

Jessica was talking about going to Mexico with her church group and I have to say I was very relieved that she couldn't go because of her schedule. Foreign countries are scary! Seriously, we don't even want to go to downtown at night. Maybe I just need more "faith"?

In other book club news, we discussed The Hunger Games. Which they had all heard how violent it was and in no way wanted their kids to read it. One gal was pretty upset that her daughter who sounds like a very YOUNG 12, as opposed to my very OLD 12 almost 13 year old had read the books. Her mom had told her she didn't want her reading them but she snuck them anyways by putting a different cover over them. Apparently the girl thinks these books are real and this stuff really happened. The mom was like "I can't believe they have these books in the school library".

AND this is where Julie gets kicked out of "Christian" book club...

I said well many of the classics that the kids read are pretty violent. Just think of "Lord of the Flies". Really that's not much better than these books. I said we don't want to go to the days of banning books and burning them do we?

Pretty sure I'm not getting invited to her house for anything soon :wink:

Then on the way home I was thinking... which maybe isn't always a good thing.. isn't the BIBLE the most violent book ever? Now I'm not an expert on the Bible but I'm familiar with a few of the stories and I'm pretty sure killing your sons and brothers isn't very nice. Not to mention wiping out whole groups of people. Scary stuff I tell ya!Pin It


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

You go Julie!!
Self righteous book club women...jeez.

Karyn said...

Right on, Julie!
Welcome to the "I been kicked outta narrow minded clubs" day I'll tell ya how I totally cheesed off our CCD director at church and was kicked outta the lady's group :)
I just love ya

Chris H said...

Are you really banned!!!

Michelle said... sound like me..I wasn't banned, but never invited back...whateva!

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