Monday, March 5, 2012

Just Another Day In Paradise

Ok I'm just going to do a random post today since I have so much swimming around in my head.

Just joined the website Lose it! My friend talks about it all day long (we email while at work) and she's lost a lot of weight. You can have "friends" on there to help support you so if anyone is on there and wants to be encouraging my email is the same as here. I need to go buy a new scale tomorrow. Mine is just the old kind with lines and they are so small or my eye sight is getting really bad haha. Digital is more fun for blogging the loss of a fat ass though.

No fancy dinner pictures tonight. I need to go grocery shopping so we had McDonald's.

With St. Patrick's Day coming up I was thinking of this cute dress I made Melissa when she was younger. I can't find a picture (so far) where you can see the whole front (it has bows that are super cute) but my Mom took some on her porch. My Mom is the holiday QUEEN. She especially loves St. Patrick's Day for some reason. This was in 2006, 6 years ago already, hard to believe.

Such a cutie pie! 

I have some pictures of the other kids in St. Patrick's Day garb, I need to find those too to share :)

Saturday I worked out in the yard a bit trying to get one of my vegetable areas cleaned up. My seeds are going crazy! I need to transplant them soon. I've been taking them out for some time in the real world most days so they don't all croak once I get them in the ground.

So this is what I was working on.

Why yes that IS a bunch of dead stuff and a mess (hopefully my friend that gave me those doesn't read here, she might kill me). They weren't ALL dead. What's left has been relocated to the front where they might have a better chance of getting planted soon.  Threw away a bunch of garbage and  weeded this and now it looks like this.

I need to move that tree but not sure where I'm going to move it to. And maybe paint the gutter and find a downspout thing again. 

I stopped there because it was HOT. Yes, I know some of you got snow last weekend but we pay a higher cost of living for sunshine.

I ended up working on the side of the house a bit since it was in the shade. I had some stepping stones over here but there are only a few that aren't broken. I am thinking I'll get some nicer ones to put down the side and either put gravel or ground cover to grow around them. I really want to work on framing things out like the front yard down the side here but that most likely won't happen very soon.

 At least it's cleaned up a bit.

My buddy was outside helping me. He was a good boy and didn't act like he was going to eat the neighbor while he was on the side of his house. 

I had to eventually stop working and get ready to go to Scott's sister's birthday dinner. I'll post about that later since this is long enough!
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Annsterw said...

I have never tried Lose It but I am on MyFitnessPal and it does the same thing - definitely helps to motivate me every day!!!

Annsterw said...

Oh, and the yard and trim looks great!!!

Unknown said...

love the st pats day dress, gorgeous! I use my fitness pal, its fantastic!

Mary~Momathon said...

Love her dress! Maybe I should do that for my kid, she is scared - no, make that - terrified of St Patrick's Day! Trying to figure out how to make her think it's kinda cool, not scary and convince her that she'll survive. A special dress might help. Why didn't I think of that earlier?

Christine said...

Yes... snow.. like HERE in Quebec :P hehe

I LOVE the dress!!!!

Claudya Martinez said...

I vote for ground cover over gravel.

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