Thursday, March 15, 2012

Stress Eating

So I've realized something about myself in the last week. When I get stressed out, I want to eat. Probably explains why I'm fat eh? Apparently I'm stressed a lot!

What do you do to come with stress?

Here's my latest:
  1. Call my friend and bitch
  2. Drink Diet Coke instead of eating a huge bowl of something
  3. Yell at my kids (sorry!)
  4. Go hide
  5. Eat something low cal
Pretty awesome coping skills eh?

I'm browsing the net a bit and came across this:

I especially love number 4 that says one way to stop stress eating is to develop a positive attitude. Umm ok. I'll get right on that.

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Pandora`s Box said...

Yeah as if developing positive attitude is something that comes naturally to us :P
I'm a stress eater too. I have found munching on a a crisp juicy apple helps,and after finishing it I gorge on chips and chocolate :)

Jennifer Owens said...

I think bitching about life to friends is far more effective than trying to develop a positive attitude. (o:

Just saying.

Suburban Correspondent said...

Now I'm stressed out that I don't have enough of a positive attitude to keep myself from being stressed.

Chris H said...

I noticed one of the five tips was to try and control the stress!
Far out, if we could do that we wouldn't have ANY STRESS!
Chocolate all the way...

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