Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Catching Up, Recipes, Wisdom Teeth and More

I'm a couple days behind here! Time to catch up!

Sunday I worked in the yard a bit. I got a little less than half of the back of the house bed weeded. I planted the cilantro, peas and I think three tomato plants there so far. I had to stop eventually to go meet up with my sister in law so we could do the next step in our lemoncello escapades. This time all we had to do was make the simple syrup and add it to the booze/lemon mixture. While we did that we ate a bunch of grapes, some fancy cheese spread and some ritz crackers. Then my brother BBQ'd  some tri tip and Italian sausages. Oh and we drank a bottle of pomegranate wine that I had picked up on the way home on Saturday. It was all delicious. Thanks to working in the yard I was about even on my calories for the day. I didn't lose any weight that day though, just stayed the same. No surprise there! I was just happy not to gain anything after drinking half a bottle of wine!

Monday Jess got her wisdom teeth out. Her appointment was for 7:30 and they took her back about 7:45. They rolled her out before 8:30 all done. Super quick. She slept most of the day. She's pretty much miserable right now.

I stayed home with her all day yesterday and did a bunch of cooking. I made

Chicken Enchilada soup (haven't tried it yet, probably tonight)

                                                                             Source: skinnytaste.com via Mom Taxi on Pinterest

and Three bean turkey chili (made it before, it's good!)

                                                                           Source: kraftrecipes.com via Mom Taxi on Pinterest

and another batch of veggie soup (I take this for lunch every day and also eat it when I feel like I'm starving since it's so low cal but filling)

                                                       Source: kitchen-parade-veggieventure.blogspot.com via Mom Taxi on Pinterest

and a green salad.
and steamed some broccoli and cauliflower.
and made jello (sugar free is only 10 calories?!? awesome!)
and made cornbread muffins.

Those things sure have a lot of calories in them. Next time I bake something that has vegetable oil in it I'm going to try subbing apple sauce. Anyone ever tried that before?

I think I washed dishes like 10 times.

Today I went to work. We have a lot of people sick right now. Eric has been out sick for like EVER (get better soon!) and Blake came in sounding like death. He went home after about two hours. We still had a few more people still a bit sick in the office. My throat is a bit scratchy and I'm hoping I'm just psyching myself out and not really getting sick.

Now off to put away about ten loads of laundry.

                                                                    Source: calendulafitzpatrick.blogspot.com via Brad on Pinterest

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Eric W. Harper said...

awwwww... thanks Julie.

Anonymous said...

yep, apple sauce works great!


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I get hungry when i visit you.

And your laundry sign cracked me up.
I said to rick over the weekend that for only 2 people we sure have a lot of laundry. He told me he'd go naked if it helped. :-)

Chris H said...

I hope you don't end up sick!
I too wish we didn't get so much laundry.

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