Monday, February 29, 2016

Home Sick

I'm home sick today. So worn down from the last week and my throat hurts. It's impossible to sleep in here with the cat licking the pillow case and Trevor not being able to find his sunglasses and Scott not being able to find his wallet and the dogs have to poop. So I'm up.

Sounds like a good time to play catch up on the old blog!

So today's post is February's animal pictures! Who doesn't love a fuzzy face!

Ah Buster.

A couple pictures of Jess and her husky puppies. They have all gone to new homes now. Sometimes she sends me pictures she gets from their new owners. They are SO DAMN CUTE!

This is Nana, my friend Traci's St. Bernard. She's like WHY am I in the house and you guys are all out there? She's standing on the bench seat of the kitchen table. She actually stood ON THE TABLE for a couple seconds. Then I think she got put to bed lol.

These two. Always curled up together in front of the heater. 

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Annsterw said...

Love all those furry faces!!!! Buster is my fav!!!!

Annsterw said...

Ps-I hope you feel batter quickly!!!

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