Tuesday, February 16, 2016

What's Up!

So much to post about but I'll start with what's going on today. I have another half an hour to kill being home by myself (except for the animals of course, one of who is sitting on my lap) and then I'm off to the dentist. JOY! I freaking hate the dentist but the last time I was sick I was pretty sure all my teeth were rotten and going to have to be pulled out via Castaway-style. Thank God that went away after I got better but I figured I should probably keep my appointment because I do like to chew some steak every once in awhile. If you ever doubt how important your teeth are hang out with some 80 year olds that have limited food choices because they don't have anything to chew it with. True story.

So I decided over the weekend that I'm going to go flour-less and sweets-less until the end of the month. I just can't get into just counting calories and I just feel myself slipping farther and farther into the fast food drive ins. So I figured this will pretty much take care of that. No flour or sweets for the rest of the month. We'll see how much of withdraws I go through and how much I want to kill everyone haha. I'm hoping it will help me drop a few pounds (starting weight 181.4, so I can remember later).

Of course I ate plenty of both yesterday when I went to lunch with my high school friend Twila. I was like bring on the croissant sandwich, corn chowder and cheesecake for dessert! Always having a last meal, aren't we? I didn't take any pictures of us at lunch but Twila looks exactly the same. Which is freaking amazing because she's a high school English teacher. That's enough to make anyone age, but I don't even think she had any wrinkles around her eyes. Lucky bitch!

Before I went to meet her for lunch I worked on the yard a bit (and A LOT the day before) and then later in the evening I went over to my friend's dock and enjoyed the sunset and some wine.

After I was there for a bit I realized that everyone was sick. Ugh, please God don't let me get sick. I have way too much do to for the next month plus.

Oh and in other news for today I applied for a new work position. It closes today so then it's just a wait and see if I made the panel for the first step. Arg so scary. It is for in a different office but about $10k more a year and has the option of some teleworking, which would be AWESOME.

So that's today's excitement. Guess I should go brush my teeth and floss for the dentist.Pin It

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