Thursday, February 25, 2016

Shitters full

Ugh so it appears that our septic tank is full! I called someone last night and left a message, hoping they call me this morning to come and pump it out. HOPEFULLY that will solve the problem of the water not wanting to drain. Scott said he was done messing with the plumbing and to call a plumber. He forgets that last time we did that the plumbing still didn't work right and we were out $150 and he still had to fix it himself. Sucks for him but hey I don't like washing people's dirty under ware either but that apparently is part of my "job".

I so wish that once you flushed the toilet you never had to worry about it again. That's the one upside to living in town, for sure!

In other exciting news, Tuesday was one week of not eating any flour or sweets and I was down 3.4 pounds. WOOT WOOT! Very exciting to see the scale drop again. Hopefully I can keep it headed in the right direction. I was feeling so disgusted with myself for gaining weight back.

Last night while I was at my mom's little house boiling water for a bath because her water heater died and she never replaced it I really was like OMG I so want to eat some chocolate. She had chocolate there too but somehow I resisted.

Trevor's birthday is Sunday (he's going to be 13!) and the plan is to take him to Boomers which is like a miniature golf, arcade, etc place on Saturday night and then have a family party Sunday. If the plumbing is still jacked up though we will have to do something else. I asked him what he wanted for his meal on Sunday and he said meatloaf. He's so funny. I've never known a kid to like meatloaf so much. So that at least is still on my meal plan.

I'm also signed up to do a race Saturday morning. I debated on signing up for it or not since it's the whole party weekend and I should be cleaning house but I really wanted to do it because it has an extra medal that you get for doing the last one I did (which I still haven't blogged about!) and this one. Should be a nice hectic weekend haha.

So wish me luck with the shit tank.Pin It

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