Friday, February 26, 2016


The septic tank is supposed to get pumped out this morning. Scott took the morning (or day if it takes that long) off to take care of it. He has it unburied but says he can’t get the lid off.  Yeah fun.

We are having an active shooter training at work today. Nothing like learning how not to die at work while at work.

Apparently the job I applied for got so many applications they aren’t even going to look at mine. At first I thought it meant I didn’t make the panel but now I think the message means that they just don’t even need mine since they had so many people apply. Which I think is not really fair but whatever. I’m ok with not getting that job since I don’t really want to work in another office. That job is one up from mine and you have pretty much no customer interaction which isn't all that fun either. I actually like talking to people who we are doing all this work for sometimes. It reminds you why this whole program exists.

Oh which reminds me about this one customer we have. Last week he was in Hawaii. He was complaining about how bored he was and how he was there with his kids and their in-laws and how the whole trip was just took long. I think he said they were there for five days. Now I don’t know about you but I would take five days of doing nothing in a heartbeat. I’m pretty sure I could find something to keep me busy on an island with the ocean too. Like cat napping while listening to waves or reading on the beach. If I had a margarita that would be divine.

Tomorrow morning I’m doing that race, which will be good to do something physical. I only ran once this week because on Wednesday I decided that I couldn’t take all the clean clothes baskets full of clothes any longer and spent some time putting those away and then the whole “the water won’t go down” problem started and then I just wanted to go hide in a hole somewhere.

I thought about running yesterday but then decided that I’d rather go hang out with my friend for a little mental break instead. Turned out to be a little party over there since two other friends had stopped by. We all sat out on the porch and somehow resisted eating brownies, cookies and pretzels. Go me!

The candy jar at work got refilled yesterday too. Oh man it was killing me for a while. Snickers! God I love Snickers. I actually used to eat those A LOT when I was pregnant with Jessica. Amazingly I didn’t gain 100 pounds while I was pregnant with her.

Off to work! Have a good day everyone. J
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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Oh septic tanks are fun aren't they? Had that at our lake house.

Good for you not eating all those yummies while on the porch with your friends.

I'm sorry you didn't get the job you wanted, perhaps a better one is around the corner.
But seriously about the customer who was bored in Hawaii. I would find something to do.
I hate when people say they are bored. I am never bored. I wish sometimes I could be.
But if you're bored and have absolutely nothing of interest to do, them perhaps you are boring...tee hee There is so much to do other than the beach in Hawaii as well, so this guys a dufus. :-)

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