Thursday, June 29, 2017


Well I didn't win BINGO last night, I only needed one more number on 2 cards for black out too. DARN!

When you buy your bingo cards they give us a red raffle ticket and then at the intermission they get pulled for the white elephant gifts people donate.  I've been trying to remember to bring something for the table each week. It's great for getting rid of stuff that someone else might want. This week I got this plant. Hopefully I won't kill it lol.

Last week my friend won a plant and the gal that donated it was telling her that her mother (maybe it was grandmother..) is sick and they had to get rid of her plants. The mother is dying but she's more worried about her plants than anything else. Maybe knowing that will help me to not kill it.

After BINGO we were hanging out. I told you I'd probably have a story so here you go!

You have to remember I live in a "club" area that is like a trailer park with houses (easiest way to describe it) and everyone knows everyone and you have to be a member (supposed to be anyways) to live there.

So this guy's son who has been in and out of jail apparently was in the bar and all tipsy and then went down to someone's dock and pulled his pants down. Then he came back to the bar. The people who have the dock weren't too happy with this and called the sheriff.

My friend Ginny is the President of the club at the moment so the girl working in the bar (attached to the kitchen area where we were playing bingo) comes and gets Ginny when this is all going down. She comes back and I was like well did he wag it at anyone? Everyone laughed. I was like if he didn't wag it at anyone I doubt they will do anything. Sure enough, since no one actually saw the beast and he didn't wag it at anyone they just gave him a ride home and told him to keep his pants on.

Gotta love small town drama haha.

Looking forward to drinks and sushi tonight with my buddies Carolyn and Dee. Dee is the one who adopted 3 boys so she doesn't get to go out without them much. Her daughter is home from college so we have bribed her to watch the boys so we can go out!
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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

maybe he just peed? I find that funny though that they were all worked about a drunk pulling down his pants. Oh lordy.

Chris H said...

WEll I think he should have wagged it at someone... that would have been entertaining if nothing else! lol
Mind you, men's bits ain't that cute to see!

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