Saturday, June 10, 2017

Trevor's Graduation

My goofy boy's 8th grade graduation!

All the kids went to this small country school from K-8. My oldest is 23 so that tells you that I've been going to this school forever. I am so glad we are done with it! What started off as a fun little country school with class parties has turned into a side shoot from the newer charter school that is connected. All the parties are gone and it's like a good old boys club with the upper staff.

Trevor being all serious walking in, I was like "oh he's in front" well yeah he's tall has to be in the back row.

I miss the cute old gym where they used to have the ceremonies. Sure this gym is nice for sports and stuff but it doesn't have the same old time homey feel.

all the kids had a few lines to say during the ceremony

All done!

Yeah! (also it's amazing how fast you can gain weight but it takes SO LONG to get it off...). Also, notice no grandparents. Both moms were sick and I don't think Scott's mom wanted to come since it's hard for her to get out and around.

Jessica is all into hula hooping lately and brings them with her where ever she goes. We were waiting for Trevor & Scott to change so we could go out to dinner.

and this one, he dragged home this huge tree branch from down by the lake.  My kids are weird.

I guess he got a good work out if nothing else right? So Trevor is almost done with his first week of summer school that he is doing in exchange for being able to walk at the graduation since his grades were less than stellar. Please God let High School be a bit better. If not we might have to switch to homeschooling or something. IDK the kid is super smart but he definitely works on his own wave length.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

aren't boys fun? All my nephews are like that. So smart but just don't "get" school.
Now at 25 my nephew is FINALLY getting it together. Going back to school and this time he is doing very very well. I think sometimes boys just need more time than girls/women. I think that applies to my husband too....tee hee

Ernie said...

Congrats on the graduation - I hope summer school goes well for Trevor. My son is a gentle giant, but wasn't allowed to walk thru graduation last week because he got in a fight on the last day of school. He's never been in trouble. Basically a kid hit him for no reason and my son hit him back. Then they fought. You can read about it on my blog - no pressure though. My guy isn't crazy about the academic part of school. I'm hoping that he applies himself a bit more in high school. My blog is

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