Friday, June 30, 2017

Girls Night Out

Well yesterday was a fun day.

I went to the thrift store on my lunch. Thursdays seems to be linen sale days so that's a good day for me to go.

Lots of fun stuff to resell yesterday!  Still need to take it out of the car and wash it and take good pictures. I need to work on my Etsy store, I haven't added anything in there in awhile.

After work I went straight over to meet up with my friends in Manteca at Pete's Restaurant and Brew House. They have a nice bar area there so we like to go there for drinks and then go across the street for Sushi.

Hate how round my face is but the food & drinks sure were good haha.Somehow our pre-dinner cost double what our actual dinner bill was. Funny how that happens.

Onto dinner! I got a kitty bowl lol

My friend Dee always wants to be adventurous so here is the eel she ordered. It was actually really good.

Go Go Roll on the left and spicy tuna on the right that was REALLY spicy.

Italian Roll

Puff Daddy, the best of the night

After dinner we sat and talked forever, then went outside and talked some more and played with some goofy app on my friends phone that puts make up on you. I think I'm too old for that one haha.  I didn't get home until after 10. No one left ANY lights on in the house so I tried not to kill myself when I came in. I think I may have watched about half an episode of American Crime but maybe not lol. Always fall asleep when I watch it in bed!

Today's plans are to swing by the grocery store on the way home, we have nothing to eat in our house. Poor Trevor is going to waste away.

Then I have to go down and help set up for the 4th of July party tomorrow down at the clubhouse.

Happy Friday!

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Chris H said...

YUM to the sushi you liked the most! I hope your 4th of July goes well. It's July 5th here, almost the 6th in fact.

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