Tuesday, March 20, 2018

All Flat

So today started off nice, enough, I don't have a fever (all my kids have had/have the flu now, I just got a little cough). Trevor was staying home from school again today since he's still coughing up a lung. I was ready to go a bit early so I left thinking I can get in an extra half an hour! Nice since I stayed home sick yesterday.

I get just a ways down the road and BAM! I hit a fucking pot hole. My low tire pressure light comes on immediately. Mother trucker. I pull over and get out and yep. Flat as a pancake. Luckily the wheel is still on straight though, after that I though for sure I had bent something. So I pull up the AAA app and it finds my location, says someone will be there in like an hour. So much for going to work early. Also, this new car has no spare tire. So this is going to be a long day.

I text Scott and he tells me to cancel AAA, we have coverage with Kia, they will tow the car to Kia and replace the tire for free, remember we bought that extra coverage since Julie likes to hit curbs and such? Ok cancel AAA, get out so I can read the phone number on the sticker on the car window. Get back in the car. Hey maybe they should put that so you can read it from the inside, that might be nice.

Call Kia, takes 5 minutes to get through all the push 1's, sends me a text for something I can't remember what, finally lands on a person who asks me all the things I just pushed 1 for. She can't find where I am. I don't have an address I'm in a country intersection. I'm getting so annoyed at this point I tell her my home address and which way to follow the map to get to where I'm at. Ok she's got it.

Finally she says she's done and I'll get a text message saying how long it will be. I hang up. Five minutes later no text. WTF? How many hours am I going to sit here. I've already wasted 1/2 an hour on that phone call. I call back and get someone else that I haven't been slightly rude to (God how hard is to to find an intersection by Google I do it all the time-I did apologize to the first one too and told her I was a bit stressed). New gal finally gets it to send me a text. Ok someone is ACTUALLY coming to get me.

Tow truck driver calls me tells me he's in Banta (cool that's like 10 minutes away). I tell him where I am thinking he's a tow truck driver, he knows the roads. 30 minutes later he finally gets there.

Of course now it's starting to rain. The tow truck driver is this skinny tatted up man child with one gauged ear. I wonder what happened with the other one. Did it rip and he had it fixed? Didn't want to commit? Needed that ear for the phone?

He's super nice and tells me I can get in the truck. Yeah!  It takes him about ten minutes to get the car loaded up and then I give him directions on how to get to the car dealership. No GPS needed with Julie in the car..

As we start driving back towards my house I have to pee so bad. I asked him if he minded stopping at our little corner store so I could use the bathroom. He's like oh yeah sure no problem! I go to the bathroom and come out and he's buying 2 Monsters and a pack of powdered donuts. Yep, man child lol.

On the way to the car dealership we start talking about dogs and then he says he has a pug. I tell him I have a pug too! We bonded over pugs for the rest of the drive. So funny.

When we get to the dealership I go inside and am instantly greeted by Mr. Jackass Service Man. I tell him what happened and ask about how long it will take to get the tire fixed. "OHHH we probably don't even have those in stock!" WTF. I mentioned if I had know that I would have just had the car taken to the tire place. He says oh well I just have to check, you know, we can't stock all the tires! Well why not? Why can you not stock all the Kia tires? Makes no sense to me. The tire store stocks them and MORE!

I mention that I have a tire plan on my car from when I bought it. He tells me I probably don't. Something about how you usually only get that when you buy 4 tires. I'm like I bought 4 tires and a whole fucking car! Left out the fucking out loud but GD he was making me angry.

So after he gets me bristled up (but I'm still being mostly nice, I haven't unleashed the angry Julie yet), he says he can get a tire by 3 and he'll find out if I had the tire coverage after the other department opens. If I don't it will be around $130. Ok. I can do that. I just need my car.

I called Jess since she was the closest to where I was and she picked me up and dropped me off at work. On the way I got a call that the tire is covered. Thought so jerk off! I finally get to work 2 hours late. So much for being early.

I called and filed a complaint about the potholes. The woman who answered the phone was the nicest woman I've ever talked to. She sure is good at her job! No way you can be angry with someone who talks so sweet.

I didn't bring a lunch so I asked my coworker if she could give me a ride since she usually goes out to lunch and she did. That was nice of her. By the way she has light beige interior in her car. The inside of my car is black and it's still dirty! I don't know how beige is even possible.

My mom had said she'd give me a ride home so I took her up on it. She picked me up and took me to pick up the car. TG I have family around or I would have been doing Lyft.

Got my car picked up and I didn't have to pay anything. The final bill would have been $171. Whew glad I added that extra protection that only cost me about $2 more a month.

PS Looking into getting a spare tire for the trunk. A donut kit is like $200. Ouch.Pin It

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

WOW that was a day! Glad you had the tire plan but what a jerk that guy was. Why even say something like that to you until he knows. He could have just said Okay when that dept opens I will double check all that for you. People are idiots.
I love the pug story. :-)

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