Friday, March 23, 2018

Sick Day Accomplishments

Home sick today (Thursday) just like I thought. My head is all congested and my eyes are watering. JOY! I have something very important to do tomorrow morning so I better not get a fever.

This morning I booked a jump house for Easter. The guy said they don't come out to where I lived but I asked if they'd do it for an extra $25 and it worked. Wohoooo So excited to have it for all the littles on Easter. I think they will love it and it will wear them out.

I also ordered some prefilled toy eggs for the easter egg hunt. That is so the way to go. Usually I'd go to the dollar store and find things that will fit in little eggs but that's a lot of time . I do want to do some with candy though so I'll still have to do that. This is my one holiday I host at my house so it's like my gift to all the little kids :)

Now if it could just stop raining so we could work in the yard.. Everything is such a mess outside. One side of the front yard doesn't look TOO bad since the alyssum is all blooming there so I mostly just need to clean up the other side so that it doesn't just look like a giant weed patch. We'll see if it gets done or if we just take the mower to it like we did the last time we had people over.

Debating on giving away my lawn swings or taking them to the dumps and buying a new one with nice cushions. I could recover the ones I have but sadly it's cheaper to buy new.

Spent most of the day sorting out some fabric to try and sell, didn't end up selling much, I think it got lost on the Facebook page I was selling it on.

Then I made a Giants key fob for a coworker to go with a Giants mug cozy. She asked me to make them for her husband's birthday.

After that I got to work on the big pile of mug cozies I had cut out and matched up but hadn't actually sewn together yet. At midnight I decided I should probably go to bed haha. Just have the buttons to put on.


It's Friday morning and I'm just puttering around a bit before I go take a test for a new job that I have applied for. Thank God my head isn't as stuffed up today! The test is at 9 so I have about an hour before I have to leave. A bit nervous but I know what I know so if I don't know it I guess that's that haha.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

hope you feel better and get this new job!!!
NY Giants fan in California? Must be a transplant. :-)

Chris H said...

New Job? OOOOoo I hope you get it, if it's what you really want. How about some photos of your front yard? I've not seen it in FOREVER... I remember when you planted it out years ago! And thanks for the idea, I am going to make some mug cozies in our local colours! Well... our local RUGBY colours. lol

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