Monday, March 26, 2018

Bunco Night

Oh my gosh I'm so tired. Seriously wanted to call into work today but I called in so much last week I feel like a slacker. I woke up with my whole body just so exhausted and my head congested still. 

I went to work and made the latest Dr. appointment they had available, which was 2:45. I was supposed to be at a retirement training but just had to duck out early. Too bad to because it was super interesting. It's for another whole day tomorrow and part of the day Wednesday so I'm sure I can catch up on anything I missed.

Went to the doctor and now I have a Z Pack since I have a sinus infection. He didn't say what I had but I know that's what it is. Nothing else is wrong with me it's just "all in my head" lol. My face just hurts! 

After I was done there I went and picked up Trevor, he rode his skateboard over to see Scott's mom after school. I didn't go inside since I don't want to get her sick but she walked outside. Sigh. I'm like don't get too close! She is letting her hair go all gray and it's shocking. Needs to just cut off the non gray stuff and have a short pixie instead of the long straggly two color bit. I feel like she looks like she is neglected.  She doesn't want to go get it cut though. At least not the last time I offered to have see if my sister in law would come over and cut it for her. 

Anyhow, picked up Trevor then went and got a massage at the mall. I swear those guys give the best deep massages. Usually I do a chair massage but today I layed on the table. Next time I think I'll go back to the chair since I think they can do my neck and shoulders better that way and that is where I get all the knots. 

Went to pick up my prescription when I was done and now I'm just waiting for my taquitos to get warmed up. I'm taking those to Bunco. Everyone breaks snacks and it's like a little feast at the halfway point. It's a lot of fun. I'm glad my mom is coming too. I got her to join up to get out and hang out with some different people. She needs more fun people in her life.  I'm also making myself some coffee since I'm exhausted and cold. Maybe I can not yawn all night. 

Also then you can remind me tomorrow about why I couldn't sleep at 3am. 

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1 comment:

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Sinus infection and you still went out. Good for you.
I'd be wrapped in a blanket on my sofa.
Yea I'm that girl. Pitiful aren't I?

Your mother in law growing out her gray....
I hate that look. I had an aunt do this. We called her trailer park Barbie. Her daughters and I thought it was so awful. Then she'd put on all this makeup and just looked so trashy. Her daughters begged her to strip it or cut it. But she wouldn't do it.
You can have your hair stripped of its color. It won't be white the first time usually but it will at least look less trashy. I did that with my bangs that are all white now. Personally, I'd cut it. Then you have a great cut, perhaps spikey and it grows in all white and you can play with all different styles as it grows. People are funny.

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