Friday, March 16, 2018

Lazy Friday

Good morning my friends! I took the day off work today so I am enjoying my coffee with Snookie on my lap. Braless. Ah it's the finer things in life.

Tomorrow I am doing a craft show so that means it has been raining all week and most likely will rain tomorrow.  Effening rain! Always raining on my plans.

I got a new canopy, which is actually the canopy that my mom had bought at the same time I bought one. Originally we were going to go halves on one but now I'll just pay her back for it (or trade sewing :)) since I will be using it all the time. I also bought some weights to put on the legs. Scott is going to pick up some sand or small rocks to fill them with today for me. I'm so paranoid about the tent flying away now.

I don't think I shared the boards I made to keep my mug cozies from flying all over.

I think they turned out pretty well. Now to see how they actually work out. I used elastic to hold them on so that they can still be slipped out to look at. I'm pretty sure I also want to make some more so I can spread out the themes a bit. Or maybe I'll just sell a ton so I have more room haha. I probably have about 100 more cut out that just need to be sewn together. *not an addict. *maybe

I keep praying I am not going to get the flu since I hung out with Jessica for most of the evening on Wednesday and ended up taking her to the ER because she couldn't stop coughing and her chest was hurting. While we were there they did a flu test and it was positive for type B. They gave her some tamiflu and she's been doing ok. 

Tomorrow is going to be such a busy day. Craft show, then as soon as I get back we have the St. Patrick's Day dinner at the clubhouse that I might have just skipped but the kids want to go. I also got drafted to help with the cake booth. Tomorrow is also the one year anniversary of the day that my father in law passed away.  

So off to read some blogs while the day is young. Good thing I had to take the kid to the bus this morning or I'd probably still be wasting it away in bed!

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1 comment:

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Julie, I think the boards you made for the cozies is great. You can see everything but it will stay put should it get windy.

You've been busy today, I saw you got all caught up on mine. :-)

Isn't being at home braless the best? Best part of working from home if you ask me.
Well until summer. I walked Izzy today at lunch but I had on a big ole puffy winter coat.
Come summer you have to wear a bra damn it.

Have a fun St. Patty's day!!

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