Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Closer to Friday

Just got home from bingo. Didn't hang out too long after with the girls because I couldn't stop yawning. Sad since I was the youngest one there. Although I think I'm the only one that actually went to work today. Maybe they all took Nana Naps haha.

Sadly I didn't win a thing at bingo this week.

Yesterday was a lovely day of staying home and sewing. I finished all these key fobs yesterday! I had them partially done so it seems like I did a lot more than I really did lol.

Making progress on my "black" scraps lol. I had to finish up a bit before I was ready to because Trevor wanted to go to bed.  Hopefully I can get back to it tomorrow after work. I have 15 more pieces of the hardware then I have to order some more. I guess I should just order some right? Hopefully these sell but the sports ones usually sell really fast. 

Today "Cactus Lady" came back to work. She got in a car accident MONTHS ago. She was driving to work and from what I understand a truck ran a red light and drove right in front of her. They said she was only alive because of her airbags. She has a boot on her leg, one of her arms is still messed up (of course her dominant one) and she has a walker. One minute you're driving to work and then BAM! disabled. I hope she gets a lot of pain and suffering money. Since we are federal we don't pay into disability like regular jobs so it's a bit more difficult to just go out that way. 

Yesterday I watched Season 2 of Ozark. I think that's a really good show. Who knew Jason Bateman still had it in him to make something good. Go child actor!!

Ok off to bed. I think I'll watch a few episodes of My Drunk Kitchen now that I was reminded about that show. AND I used to actually be funny when I go back and read my old posts. Must work on that again I think ;)

PS noticed Columbus Day coming up next month, I think I'll add a day to that holiday weekend again! 

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

okay I love Jason Bateman and he's been many good movies so there! :-)
Season 2 started as we left for vacation and there is no Netflix here so we will have to wait until we get home. It's in my queue though waiting for us.

I had to laugh at you being the youngest and yawning, the old ones probably had a nap while you were working, making dinner etc. So don't feel badly. They wouldn't even be upright had they not napped and if they had to go to work right? Hey that is my theory, it makes me feel better so don't deny me that one. :-)

Annsterw said...

They are DEFINITELY taking Nanna Naps!! LOL!!! I am yawning by 8:30 every night now even with a nap! LOL!!! That work friend of yours and my ex boyfriend really makes me realize how precious every moment is as things can change in a split second! Hugs

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