Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Happy Vacation Day!

Today is the day I took off from work but didn't tell anyone about hahaha. So took Trevor to the bus and farting around until I decide on what direction I'm going today. Currently the dress someone asked me to hem a couple weeks ago is staring me in the face. Not sure how I got stuck with that but I am starting to turn people down on doing custom things and hemming. I don't have that much of my own time to do things and I don't want to spend it working on stuff that isn't even fun.

Yesterday I worked on cleaning up the flannel scraps I had, then listed them on a couple Facebook groups for sale. I sold some of the bigger ones. Thinking I might bundle up what's left by size and stick them in my Etsy shop. Going to toss some of the random weird stuff.

Also I relisted a box of stuff that's been sitting in the living room, most of which was from that big fabric haul. I've sold quite a bit of it so that's good! Making a little bit of headway on getting stuff out of here.

Sunday I straightened up a lot of my room so that feels so much better and less stressful. Lucy thinks every time I walk in there I need to brush her. Silly cat. Funny how we work our ways into these little routines.

I also kicked my bed frame on accident and my little toe has been all kinds of pretty shades of blue and purple.

Last night Scott BBQ'd some tri tip and sausages and I made scalloped potatoes. We had all the kids here plus the boyfriends, although Melissa's boyfriend is very food sensitive so he didn't really eat anything. Melissa is finally done painting her room so most of her crap is off the porch.

Hope everyone had  a good holiday weekend!Pin It


Annsterw said...

Good for you for sneaking in a secret vacation day! You need to do more things like that for yourself!!! You (and all the other moms) spend a lot of time taking care of others; sometimes you have to take extra care of YOU!! Have a great week!!!

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

wah! i want a secret vacation week.

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