Sunday, September 2, 2018

Redneck Party

Well this weekend has been fun so far. Friday night I went down to the hall to help decorate for the Redneck Party. When I was done with that I went into the bar to pay my tab and never left. Every time I would go to leave another conversation would happen. Scott ended up coming down later too so that was fun. 

We came home to a big pile of runny dog crap on the carpet in my bedroom. AWESOME. Thankfully Scott cleaned that up. All night long my legs kept twitching and the dog kept whining to go out. Scott and I took turns taking him out. Hopefully he's done with that. So weird he got sick two Fridays in a row.  

Saturday I had to make a run to Costco to pick up a few things for the party that I somehow said I'd get on Friday night lol. Still not quiet sure how that happened.  Then it was time to get ready! Here's my redneck outfit. The blue eye shadow was awesome.  

I was working the raffle ticket table with someone else so I pretty much sat there the whole day. That's kind of a shitty job since you are stuck there. Notes for next time someone asks me to do it haha.  I didn't drink any caffeine yesterday except for coffee in the morning and my legs didn't twitch all night so I think that might be what is making them do that. I had a lot of diet soda on Friday night.  

The next party is our neighbor's annual tiki party in October. That's always a lot of fun and nice that I don't have to do any work for it!

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1 comment:

Annsterw said...

I cannot love this post enough!!! That picture is absolutely perfect and yes, the blue eye shadow is perfect too!! LOVE that look so much - you nailed!!!
Sorry you could not have more fun but you sure nailed the look!!!
LOL!!!!! Have a great week!!!!!!

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