Monday, September 17, 2018

Sewing Weekend

Can you hear that? That's me sighing dying of boredom. All I've done today is transfer two phone calls.

I spent the entire weekend sewing. It was great! I decided to make some more tooth fairy pillows for my booth since people still comment on how cute they were. So I started on those Friday and finished on Saturday.

When I got done with those I made myself go back to all the little bags I had started and work on those. I finished those on Sunday. I didn't put much extra stuff on the bags since I was bored of them and just wanted to get them done. Lots of pink since I was using scraps that I got in a box from someone. I've decided to call these "Treasure Bags" since they are the size to put your little treasures in!

I think next I am going to do another round of mug cozies since I am always collecting cute fabrics for them. First I need to get some more of the fleece I use for them. Although a neighbor gal who quilts keeps wanting to give me her fleece scraps and those might work for free.. I need to try out some of the pieces she brought me before. I'm all about free and thrifty.

Speaking of thrifty I went to the thrift store on my lunch and didn't buy anything. I hate when there are people in the areas I want to look at. Sometimes I'll just skip them and go back but today I hit my one main area and there wasn't anything new. The rest I didn't feel bothered to go back to lol.

I sold 4 patterns on Etsy this weekend which was nice! Last week or so I picked up 30 something new ones at the thrift store. They were like 20 cents each and then another 20% off so it's like free stuff. Then I turn around and sell them for $5 or more each. Works for me! I like that they are easy to store and ship too.

So I have 7 days of craft shows lined up (3 are the black Friday weekend event I did last year). My stuff sells so much better before the holidays so I'm trying to book myself up. Plus that's less time I have to listen to someone yelling at football games at home ;)

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