Saturday, February 11, 2023


Good morning happy Saturday! Scott is on his way to Texas to have some fun guy time for the Super Bowl weekend. I hope he gets to enjoy his break from taking care of his mom.

I made an extra car payment yesterday. This is what I have left to go!  Going to hyper focus on it and get it paid off really soon. Then I will only have my student loan $3k and the loan I took off my New York Life like 20 years ago that has doubled on what I need to pay back. Stupid. I might do that one first since that one has interest. I should actually meet with the advisor guy and look at that stuff again. It's only been almost 30 years since we got it. That guy has got to be getting old but we still get birthday cards from him so I know he still works there lol. 

I finished my St. Patty's garlands yesterday. Those were a lot of work, I'm glad they are done. Things are always fun when I start but then I make too many and I'm over them. Now to measure and give them a tag and take pictures so I can try and sell them. 

Started working on the scrap clean up. Probably make some coasters and or maybe a placemat or 2. I could use one for my desk here. 

I have to drag myself to the store today we are on the last roll of toilet paper. The fridge is almost empty too. Yesterday I pulled out a bunch of random bottles of stuff that had expired so even the condiments are low. I got my shower in so I'm half way there ;)


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