Sunday, February 26, 2023


Good morning happy Sunday! The kids are coming over later (as far as I know) so it's also clean up Sunday haha. I have my laundry going right now. I haven't done laundry in so long my closet is almost empty. 

Yesterday I went to Wal Mart to look and see if they had any large plastic boxes I could use for the bassinet. The cardboard box for it has fallen apart and then my shit head cats used it for a scratching post too. The only box they had that was close to fitting was like $50 (what? that's so stupid) so I went with 2 cardboard boxes I'm going to put together. I also got some more shoe boxes. 

To work on cleaning up this mess on the left. 

After that I went to the grocery store FINALLY. My total was almost $400 and the fridge and freezer aren't even packed. Sad. 

I made this super easy soup for dinner. I have a roast to put in the crock pot for tonight. I need to do that in a minute. 

Winco had these cute little pies. I got a coconut cream for myself and chocolate cream for the boys. It was yummy but definitely could feel the sugar rush after eating it.

Jess sent me this picture of the kids eating, they are so cute. I can't believe Rosie eats big people food already. I think I am going to get another booster seat for my house since Daniel still likes to sit in it.

I kept getting side tracked with other things but finally got the zipper sewn into most of the bee bags. 

Still have to do the black thread ones.

Look at my pretty twins! They hardly ever sit together like this. I guess there was a mosquito hawk they were looking at lol. Tubz on the left and naughty Tina on the right.

I started watching Yellowstone yesterday since the boys were watching it and it looked interesting. It's pretty good just a bit more violent than I like but that's probably why it is so popular.

Ok now to sew some until it is cleaning time!


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