Tuesday, February 21, 2023


Good morning happy Tuesday. I have 0 work to do for work today. We'll see if any emails come through to change that. 

Yesterday I took my dart partner to the movies. The internet was out for most of Manteca but the movies was still working. I wasn't able to buy tickets online though. My mom met us there. 80 for Brady was a cute movie. Cute enough for the matinee lol.  

After I came home for a bit and then went to the high stakes bingo down at the kitchen. Instead of $1 a card it is $10 a packet, I got 2 packets and then 2 more black out sheets for another $5.

Sadly I didn't win anything even though I wore my lucky socks lol. I guess they aren't so lucky.

I got these Paw Patrol bags finished up yesterday. Now to finish up the blue ones. I like the stand up bags with the fusible fleece in them. I can fold the bottoms down for storage too. 

Today's plan is to finish the blue bags and then I have Darts tonight. This will be my last game for this season since next weeks game is on Trevor's birthday so I have to miss. Our team all wants to play the spring/summer league so hopefully we'll get signed up. 

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