Tuesday, February 7, 2023


Hello happy last day of being 48 day! I went into the office today for my "non telework day". Going to have to do that more now booo. Well only once this week since I took the rest of the week off. I have a ton of vacation time to use but nowhere to go (or anyone to go with). Seems dumb to just take off for a week and stay home and do nothing. 

Yesterday I went to Bunco. I'm officially back on the Bunco roster since someone quit because another person was a beotch to her. She said it's because they are going to be traveling though. I know the real reason. 

Someone made this big heart with SAUSAGE lol. It was yummy. I think she said she used Pillsbury Crescent rolls for the outside.  There was a ton of desserts. 

I cleaned up my sewing room a bit and I was like what is in that box? It was the last of the scraps from that huge hall from the neighbor lady. I thought I had went through all those already. I wound up the bigger pieces and filled my coffee can for trimming with the small pieces. I have a basket of fabric from something I can't remember I need to sort out and then all my loose stuff will be put away again. I need to make some stuff up with all these small pieces since they are starting to take over. 

I am working on these now. I had started by using my little paper circle templates but then realized they are not actually total circles so ended up just cutting them by hand. Probably will do a bit more of the fabric I have with them and then stack them like the others I made. I got yarn on the way home today to make pom poms. Joann's is nuts with some of their yarn being 11.99. What the what? Here's your $2000 afghan the dog is going to lay on...

I was so proud of myself at work today. I figured out how to turn my excel address list into labels. It's the little things. I was happy I figured it out all on my own without anyone showing me how to do it haha. 

On my lunch I went by the hospice shop and donated my last round of clothes I cleaned out from mine and Scott's closet (don't tell him I cleaned out some of his stuff ;)) and then some misc stuff that's been hanging around. Got rid of 2 of the baskets I used for Daniel's toys since he was just going to destroy them. 

This morning I had to dig out a small plastic basket thing I was going to get rid of because sometime in my sleep my mind decided I still needed that to put in some rocks that I have for windy craft booth days. I'm ridiculous. Storage boxes and containers are the hardest thing for me to get rid of. 

At work today I had a meeting with one of my offices and she was saying that the up higher were monitoring how much people were actually working while teleworking. Which is hilarious. Today when I was in the office I probably spent at least an hour just shooting the shit with various people. What are they monitoring? How many minutes you aren't typing something? Meanwhile I'm like you gave me offices with hardly any work and they are like it's ok. Just make spreadsheets 😆

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

you work for a gov't agency don't you? I can't fathom that working anywhere else. I could be wrong.
Hey, anytime you get something to function/work in Excel is a win in my book. I struggle with that a bit, oh who am I kidding, a lot!

Julie H said...

@Peg yep the big one!

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