Thursday, February 23, 2023


Good morning happy Thursday! It is cold here but not as cold as everywhere else! Brr

Yesterday I actually had all three cats in here on my big desk. That doesn't happen very often. Usually it's just Tina and Lucy. 

Last night I watched the littles over at their house. This little guy was the craziest lol. He's like GRANDMA GRANDMA GRANDMA. I can't wait until we get Simon spayed so they can play together again. Her appointment is in a couple weeks I think. 

Rosie was sleeping when I got there and fell asleep right before I left. In the middle she played on the floor a lot. She just rolls all over the place. 

I've been working on putting some sewing patterns on eBay. I have 6 more to go through. Then I'm going to take the ones that aren't worth much and see if I can sell them on the FB group. If they don't sell I will just donate them. This is cleaning off the top of my printer where I had this big open box so that is nice. Figure I can work myself around the room selling some extra stuff lol.


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