Monday, March 30, 2009

Book Club For March

March was my Mom's turn for Book Club.

She had picked the book What Dreams May Come

All the ladies made it this time!

Not unlike "The Shack", What Dreams May Come focuses on the afterlife and what awaits us (?) on the other side of this life. Although while The Shack focuses on life with Jesus, What Dreams May Come focuses more on the main characters "Soul Mate" that he has left behind.

Here's a little about the book from Review
A classic novel of love after death, from one our greatest fantasy writers. The premise is deceptively simple: Chris Neilson has died in a car accident, but his life-force--his spirit--is still conscious of this plane of reality. And he is still too in love with his wife, Ann, to completely let go. She in turn does not want to go on living without him, as each regards the other as their soul mate. What Chris will do to get back with Ann after she dies makes for one of the most unusual love stories ever told. Even though the story can be enjoyed as pure fantasy, what makes What Dreams May Come unique is how the author spent years researching the subject of life after death. (An exhaustive bibliography is included to verify this.) And while Matheson admits that the characters are of course fictional, he also states that "With few exceptions, every other detail is derived exclusively from research." Whether, after reading this novel, one believes in life after death is of course a matter of opinion. At least you'll entertain the possibility that, even though we may not live forever, true love can be eternal. --Stanley Wiater --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

It's also been made into a movie with Robin Williams.

Now that I've gotten to know everyone pretty well (I've now made it full circle through the club members each hosting a book club meeting) I've discovered who has similar tastes in books, and I was pretty right in my guesses on who would like this book.

A review of the club members thought on the book:

Me: Didn't like it. I've discovered I hate all books about what happens after death. Hmmm

Mom: Loved it

G: Didn't really like it, especially didn't like all the pain he went through after he died and was seperating from his earth body to his soul body.

CT: Liked it (she believes in reincarnation)

M: Liked it and talked about how she had to get her husband "removed" from her house after he died by having someone come in and cleanse the house (wondering if she ran through the fields in her hippy dress when she was younger?)

JS: Hmm don't remember her saying what she thought about it. She doesn't really like books that are too deep either though.

CK: Hated it (she's our Catholic member)

J: Loved it. She was talking about when she was younger she had read all the book in the library about reincarnation and the likes.

Pretty much the same as The Shack!

I have a copy of this book. If you would like it let me know in the comments and I'll draw a winner on Friday!

So our next book to read is

When The Morning Comes by Cindy Woodsmall.

It is the second in a series

(which the book club read before I joined)

so I'm catching up by reading the first one When The Heart Cries.

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Capricorn said...

Interesting. I may have to check that out. Im way into the whole, afterlife and other life thing,..not so much into the whole heaven and hell thing.

~Sheila~ said...

I haven't read the book but I did see the movie. I LOVED the movie. I cried like a little biotch!

Angie's Spot said...

I need to get into a book club. I swear, it's the only thing that's going to keep me reading regularly. I feel like I just need a jumpstart to get me back into the cycle of always wanting to have a book in my hand. LOL!

monica @ said...

I read What Dreams May Come many years ago. My experience was positive.

I am part of 2 book clubs and I simply cannot keep up.

We just read: Year of Wonders, Geraldine Brooks.

I Love your blog and will be checking back to see what you read!

The Rambler said...

I didn't realize it was a book first?

I really really enjoyed the movie. I remember watching it after my father died, and the scene with the father and his daughter really touched me and helped me know I will see him again.

Thanks so much for visiting me on my SITS day....making the rounds. Wish me luck.

xoxo-The Rambler @ My Rambling Thoughts.

honkeie said...

I just finished reading 'What Dreams May come' funny, I found it at Barnes and Nobles on the sale rack about a month ago and just picked it up. I loved it, it is a bit of a romance type of a book but I still loved it. I would go to hell and back to be with my wife in the after life.

Sarah said...

I know i saw the movie..can't even remember what it was about. HMMM. :O)

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