Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Where oh where is the heat??

I am sooo tired today. I could easily go climb back in bed for the second time (went back to bed after taking Jess to the bus) and fall into a deep deep sleep. I don't know why I can't seem to have some energy and kick this stupid bug/cold/allergies whatever it is. And now, I have that nasty thing you can get if you are a girl and take antibiodics. UGH. Never ends.

Can the sun come out and burn off all the crap growing and make us all well now please???

It was 34 degrees this morning. COME ON!! It's almost spring. We live in California. I think the sun forgot to eat it's Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwhich lately or something.

Trevor is home and taking over my tv today. Yesterday I had to go pick him up because he was coughing his head off. Got him home and he hardly coughed at all. But then he was coughing like crazy again this morning.

Tomorrow he must got to school so I can watch Regis & Kelly. I'm having withdrawls.

Thank God the coffee is almost done. Maybe a good shot of caffine will help me out.Pin It


Nick James said...

I didn't realize you were in CA. Very cool, (excuse the pun). haha.

I hope you feel better soon. I'll have you know that I instantly am getting up to start my pot of coffee--you are a great advertiser.

Barb said...

Have you tried putting Vicks on the soles of his feet? Supposed to be great in relieving coughing. People swear by it. As for the heat burning off the yuk ~ it's hot here (low 80's) and the yuk is doing too well here.

Chris H said...

Crap, everyone is feeling ill and crappy right now! I hope you get better soon mate.

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