Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Taxi Mom Goes to Softball

Ugh. Is anyone as tired as I am??

I could really just crawl back into bed right now, but I'd only have 15 minutes more to sleep before I'd have to get up again so it's not really worth it.

So yesterday was Jessica's first softball game. It was threatening rain all day. Game time came around and it was still not raining yet so they still had the game. By the time I got there with the little kids they had already started.

Running in to score

The whole time they were playing it kept sprinking. Thought for sure it was going to down pour but they got lucky! I think the final score was 16-13.

Today she gets out of practice because she has a band concert. I'm so glad I only have kid in high school at a time. Way to space out those kids! Of course, it's in town and she's supposed to be there an hour and half BEFORE the concert starts. I think that's way to flipping early. I think we might be late.

Being a 1st base coach

Jessica played 3rd base for the whole game. She struck out once, got walked once and got a base hit the last time she was up. Their team was really struggling in the beginning but all of a sudden they just took off and they actually went through the batting order two times and almost a third. The other team ALMOST caught up the last time they were up but they held them off.Pin It


Barb said...

Hey! I just posted some of those "through the fence" pics myself this morning.

honkeie said...

You know MILF's are the only reason I go to these things right?!?!

Nick James said...

How fun! She is going to be great...and she is so versatile. reminds me of myself! Take care!

~Sheila~ said...

I can't wait until I can get the kids into more sports.
Dom...not having it. He does want to play Ice hockey though. Not much of a demand for ice hockey leagues here in SOUTH TEXAS!!

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