Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hit me

Oh my gosh.

It's hot outside!

I'm trying to plant my tree I bought 2 days ago before my mom comes over and gives me shit for not planting it yet. See, I'm beating her to it. SO I go out and start digging my circle for the tree.


WTF is that?? Oh shit it's the freaking concrete blocks that used to be some kind of walk way to the front door before we moved the front door, and have since been buried by dirt and grass.

Thanks Gophers!!

So now I have to dig out this big ass freaking piece of concrete. Oh and what's this?? There is another one right next to that one so I need to take that one out too because you know, that one out there will look stupid all by itself.

And HOLY MOTHER there is another one on the other side. But you know what, that one is still covered up pretty good so we'll just leave it alone.

So I just dug up 2 freaking huge pieces of concrete, got my tree in the ground and am now trying to distrubute the left over dirt while I take out the grass-weeds that we have for a lawn.

And it's hot.

My head is pounding.

So I am taking a break.

If you have snow, please throw a snowball at me.Pin It


Chris H said...

It's great exercise girl! I hope you have cooled down by now, without the snowball!

~Sheila~ said...

It IS super hot outside.
I don't do yardwork. I leave that to Angel and the kids.
You are a better person than me. I cant be motivated to do any of that stuff.

Anonymous said...

THWAP!!! (there's still some snow out back in a pile)


honkeie said...

So.....you where in your yard bent over and/or on your hands and knees and you did not invite me over to stare at you?!?!

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