Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mom Taxi may be stalled.

I'm so tired.

I think I've said that before.

I'm tired of coughing.
I'm tired of my kids coughing.

Today I took apart my bedroom and cleaned everything in an effort to get rid off all the dust/mold/whatever that might be making me sick or sicker or just making me cough or whatever. I just about got it all done (it's really fun taking a king size mattress off your bed by yourself without killing and or breaking something). I washed walls, windows, ceilings, baseboards, ceiling fan, sliding glass door.

I broke the glass thing on my light over my bed. WHOOPS. Guess I'll be chaning those little covers.

Tomorrow I need to finish cleaning the 2 walls I didn't get done today. But they are the easy ones, meaning they have no windows/beds/dressers on them.

I had to stop to take Jessica to her practice game. About half her team didn't make grades so their game tomorrow is cancelled. And the whole team might be cancelled.Hmmm kind of reminds me of the summer. Of course this happens after we paid the $75 sports fee to the school that I'm sure we won't get back. They have a meeting after school tomorrow. Don't know what's going to happen besides saying they don't have a team but we will see.


But on the upside, if it is cancelled I won't have to drive all over everywhere anymore.

:::small little cheer that Jessica can't hear::::

Last night I didn't get home until late because I was waiting for her band concert to get done. That was after waiting for her to get done with softball practice. Then driving her to another city. I spent about 7 hours yesterday waiting.

On the upside I finished my book. It was pretty good. Debating on using that one for when it's my turn to pick for book club. I'm after the next one, so May.

I need to go put the curtains back on the windows so I can go to sleep.

Hopefully I'll cough less tonight.Pin It


Nick James said...

Feel better. To continue your vehicle metaphor, I hope your exhast pipe gets fixed and you won't be so exhausted. Take care of yourself--Waiting around takes a lot out of you, perhaps the mom taxi needs to hire a guest driver.

~Sheila~ said...

Sound like you and I need GROUP NAP!!!

Chris H said...

Last year I had a nasty cough that just wouldn't go away... and in the end my Doctor prescribed a really old fashioned medicine to help... and it was WONDERFUL.... it was called Gees Linctus. It tastes kinda ikky... but it works. Perhaps you could give it a try too?

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