Monday, April 20, 2009

A day with Mom

So today I went with my mom to her friend's house in the foothills. We were going to get this bar that my mom was getting/buying from her. One of my earliest memories of this woman was her telling me I needed to keep my room clean for my mom. I kind of thought she was a little crazy for even saying that to me lol.

So we drove up there and got there and took the tour of all the stuff she has done to her house. She made us lunch, this really good quiche type thing she got from Martha Stewart and some coleslaw.

Then we loaded up the bar. OMG it's UGLY. But my mom likes and the gal wouldn't take any money for it so whatever. Came with 4 ugly bar stools circa 1970. Mom said it was cute and I said just as long as she likes it lol.

Came home and zoned out at the computer for a bit. Then made dinner and ate a bit then went over to my mom's to help her take the bar out of the back of the truck. We managed to get it out without killing ourselves. Right after we got done my brother and my cousin came over. Had a little visit with them before I came home to put the kids to bed.

I'm glad there are no plans for tomorrow. I want to go out in work in the yard a bit before it gets hot. It was 96 here today! Tomorrow is supposed to be 89, Wed 79 and then the rest of the week back down to 70 so we'll wait to mow the lawn until then!

Oh my cousin was telling me how when he hangs out with the neighbor next door and I'm mowing they discuss how they should help me but they are busy taking a break and drinking some beer. Nice huh? I told him next time bring me one when I'm done mowing at least! MIGHT have him talked into fixing this riding mower we have here for me too. Shhhh don't tell Scott he's been "going to fix it" for about 6 years now.Pin It


Chris H said...

A ride on mower? Gee I hope you do get it fixed, those things are neat!

~Sheila~ said...

LOL...There's always SOMEONE out there who loves ugly furniture.

And when your cousin is hanging out with your neighbor again and if they bring you a'll be your chance to get them to help by telling them to "push the mower a little while you take a few sips of beer".
See how that works, then you can get them to alternate while you take a few more sips.

honkeie said...

I want to see a picture of this bar! I love 1970ish stuff!
I and I alway willing to help mow someones lawn....:-)
(sorry but that was ment to be a nasty joke)

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