Thursday, April 2, 2009

Trip To San Francisco

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Yesterday I took Jessica and her friend to a concert in San Francisco. My Mom went with me to keep me company while the girls were off rocking out and getting trampled in the mosh pit. ::shudders:: Thank God all that got hurt was Jessica's crown. It's GONE! AND she lost her camera but found one that was exactly the same just purple. WEIRD. Crazy Kid!!

Mom and I went to Pier 39 and had dinner at Bubba Gumps. That was the first time either of us had been there and it was yummy.

I didn't take any pictures! Jessica keeps taking my memory card. I need to go buy another one since we are down to one now.

After dinner we walked down the strip. Is it just me or are all the stores down there just DUMB!?! Every other store is a t-shirt/sweatshirt store, camera/phone type store, jewelry store, and just plain souveniers. Would be nice if there was some one of kind things down there to go look at.

We sat down in the old Cannery building court yard for a bit so Mom could rest her feet. It's so pretty down there. Most of the stores were closing since it was getting to be late. While we were walking around we saw a Barnes & Nobles so we decided to go get the car and go there to kill some time.

They closed at 9 so we shopped and sat there and drank some coffee for me and hot chocolate for Mom. After they closed we sat out in the parking lot (we actually found some free parking!) for about an hour. Then I drove back down to where the concert was at and we parked (illegally because I suck and can't parallel park) in a bus zone and waited for them to get done.

Eventually they came out and we headed home. We got on the freeway and started heading towards our exit for the Bay Bridge and it was CLOSED? Detoured. So we just followed all the other cars and went through about 3 more detours to the bridge before we finally got on it. I was really starting to worry that we were going to have to take another bridge to get out of the city (which would have been a MUCH longer ride home and it was already late!).

I had to pee so bad. Finally got off the freeway and stopped at a Quick Stop and the asshole guy wouldn't let me use the bathroom. Said it was "out of order". I asked him where he went when he had to go lol. ASSHOLE!! I hate you.

So gave up and jumped back in the car and drove 80 to Dublin to our favorite gas station that lets you use their bathrooms. BIG line there. OMG was totally doing the pp dance but I made it. Funny when you have to go so bad like that you start thinking that peeing in a bush on the side of the highway sounds ok!

Today Jess was supposed to have a game but it got cancelled so just practice which makes my day much easier. Going to run and do some errands while she is at practice.Pin It

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~Sheila~ said...

I hate having to hold it and make it somewhere to use the restroom.
One of the hazards of my job. I drive around all day but I never like to use the patient's bathrooms(I don't know how they wipe)

Devyn had a scrimmage and they won 15-14. It was awesome!!

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