Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fox tails don't belong in your bra

I just realized that the reason my boob was itching was because there was a fox tail in my bra. Exciting stuff like that happens to me ALL the time.

I had a fox tail in my bra because I mowed the "yard". Which is really the empty lot next to me, the small area that I have left in the front, the driveway that the sprinkler hits and the back yard. I hope someday all that's left to mow of that is the empty lot next to me. I've almost got the big ruts filled in from when the asshole phone guy got stuck in the mud, which I THOUGHT I had blogged about but cannot find anywhere. Really I only mowed about 1/2 the field since most of it is dead.

(found pictures of the mess from the phone guy) HUGE RUTS in the yard.

Since I'm talking about the yard how about some new pictures?

View from straight on, my trees are straightening out quite a bit.

Driveway side

Down the gravel walk way from driveway

Out the front door

The neighbor has been putting out food for the goldfinches.  Aren't they cute?

not so cute is his now poop covered fence.

My half old/half new garage, Scott's working on putting on a new roof (and back wall). All the neighborhood wild life isn't going to know what to do when they can't hang out in the garage anymore.

Veggie garden

Tomatoes, squash and morning glories I need to tame before they get big

Tree which has LOTS of babies in the veggie garden. I can't wait until he's done with the garage and we can clean up that area in front of it. It will be nice to have a garage that doesn't look like a barn that's ready to collapse.

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Mariah said...

I love my garden, never knew it could be so rewarding!! Yours is looking good!

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