Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Thursday Thunks

Welcome to the June 10th edition of Thursday Thunks!

Driver's Ed. Demon #1 is taking it right now. Did you pass your driver's test the first time you took it?

Ummm nooo I didn't. You know how some left turn lights have arrows and some don't? Well I didn't realize the difference until I ALMOST started to go and the instructor flipped out and failed me. DAMMIT. I was almost done too. Of course in classic teenager style I blamed it all on my MOM because she never let me drive to practice. Nice move huh?

My first car was a 1980 Pontiac Sunbird (in 1991 or so). It was lemon yellow. For a reason. here's what it looked like only mine was a light yellow.

And mine had wheel covers that would randomly fall off when you went around the corner. THREE wheel covers. They liked to fly off in busy intersections. I don't know why I bothered going back for them.

You are sitting outside on your deck in your comfy lawn chair, feet are up and the temp outside is perfect. There are no bugs to bite you and ruin the night... it's peaceful and all you can hear is the birds singing and an occasional cricket. Whats in your hand?

Probably my phone. I always sit outside like that and play on my phone. Sad lol.

How many graduation parties and weddings do you have to attend this summer? Ok.. how many are you invited to?

NONE. Yes we have no friends.

There is no other choice in the matter - you must transform into a different race, but the catch is that you get to pick which race. What will you now be?

I'm pretty awesome already don't you think?

Someone once said that the grass isn't greener on the other side... are you jealous of your neighbor's lawn?

Nope! I ripped most of my lawn out. I like my yard better.

Bud is walking along a beach barefooted and steps on a piece of glass buried deep in the sand. His foot is bleeding... does he cry, swear or stomp around on his other foot?

Does he have a beer? If he hops too much he might spill his beer. And I told the kids they can't play at the playground without their shoes on. People are always breaking beer bottles on the playground and they WILL cut their foot.

I'm gonna take you fishing... are you going to be a whiney baby and not bait your own hook and when you catch a fish am I gonna have to take it off the hook for you?

Oh I'm going to WHINE. Fishing is SO BORING. Seriously. I have no problem staying home while you go fish your little heart out. Just make sure and take the kids with you.

From a Facebook friend: When asked what would you bring with you to a deserted island, why doesn't anyone answer "a boat"?

Because they are too busy thinking of someone they want to have sex with on the deserted island.

Hamburger buns - sesame seeds or not?

If it's for me I'll take the fancy ones with seeds.

From Demon #1: Whats your favorite flavor of water?

I got a Sobe water the other day. It was Fuji Apple Cranberry. Only 15 calories for the whole thing and it didn't have any artificial sweeteners in it. I recently quit drinking sodas so I'm always trying to find something that is good to drink that might not kill me and/or not have 40 cubes worth of sugar in it.

Eclipse is coming out this month... are you going to see it?
Nope, but my 11 year old is. Midnight showing with her friend and her friend's mom. Have fun!Pin It


Stacy said...

I have to tell myself to wear shoes in the HOUSE! Stepped on a big piece of glass and split my heel open in my son's room a few years back. :P

That cowboy would do in a pinch if Toby can't make it to the island. :)

Have a great day!

Jodi said...

I'd have my phone out there with me as well... but have to have a drink too!

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Love the lawn! :) I really enjoyed your responses...

I am Harriet said...

Screw passing on the first try....
I love my phone too :)

Have a great Thursday!

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