Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Another long football practice and someone gets to go back to school soon!

Well football today was much better. He had to get ready in the parking lot since we had some other errands to run so not much time to think about not putting on his uniform. AND there was that whole $1 he could earn. PLUS the ice cream I promised him yesterday if he tried hard, which he definitly did try a lot harder today. Too bad the coach (different one than the nice one that worked so nicely with him yesterday) still sat him out for at least the last half of practice while they ran drills with all the other kids. Pretty sad when you're kids not even considered good enough to PRACTICE.

Tomorrow Jess starts back to school. I can't believe she is going to be in 11th grade! A Junior! Where does the time go. Then sometimes those last 2 years just can't go fast enough lol. There are definitly days when I'd hawk my house for her to go to college somewhere FAR away. Well probably not really. When she was gone at camp for a week and then housesitting for my mom it was a really LONG 2 weeks. I really missed her!! Then she got home and started fighting with her brother...

Along with school comes riding the bus for one more semester. Hopefully she will have her license and a running car to drive by the next semester. I had to stand in line for about an hour to get a bus pass today. Could have sent in for it earlier but it's $180 (for one semester) and it's just so hard to let go of that money! BUT hopefully this WILL be the last time we have to pay for one until Melissa is in high school. So we'll get 2 years off. Thank God we don't have more than one in high school at a time (we don't have to pay for the elementry bus).

So we've gotten through Monday and Tuesday. I think we can fast forward to Friday night now..Pin It

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Chris H said...

You are lucky to only have to pay for 3 kids in school!
Imagine having 6 kids in 3 different schools at the same time... and the costs! Glad that's behind us now ! Just got the 'extra' 2 to go now!

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