Thursday, August 26, 2010

I need to keep extra clothes in my car

I found myself in a bad situation today. I had rushed rushed rushed to get us all out of the door. I was in the car and looked down. That's when I noticed I had something on my shirt. It just looked like a small spot and I hoped it was water and it would dry by the time I got to work.

When I got to work I saw that it wasn't dry and it appeared to be some kind of grease.

My shirt was a dark purple so it was really showing up, and of course, right on my gut. To make matters even better everyone at work was wearing purple. Purely on accident we were all doing the twinsy things so of course I'm feeling like everyone is REALLY looking at my shirt.

Then the little boss girl told me she needed me to help at the meeting across the way. With the big uppity ups. and a stain on my shirt. on my gut. and I was wearing flip flops. and had my hair pulled back in a loose bun.

I'm sure they were all wondering what kind of riff raff they'd been hiring in our office. I haven't felt so out of place in a long time. A girl I work with had a Tide To Go Pen so I gave that a whirl. It actually worked pretty good, although you have to wait for it to dry. and I still had a spot (but a much smaller one).

I really wanted to use it again but we were too busy so I just hoped everyone was blind to the "help". I really need to get one of those and stick it in my purse. I'm always getting something on myself!

(no one paid me for this, although it would be nice if they wanted to send me some free ones!)Pin It


Chris H said...

I have never seen that 'Tide to Go' pen! how does it work?

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

i have a tide to go pen in 3 different purses.....I'm sloppy like that!

And why is it that you can look good for 14 straight days and see no one but on day 15 everyone is asking something of you or introducing you to someone etc? That at least is my life!

Barb said...

"Shout" wipes are even better but I can't seem to find them anymore. I am always getting something on my shirt!

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