Monday, August 16, 2010

Do you ever have to hold in your laughter?

There's one mom at football that's pretty interesting. She brings her folding chairs (like card table chairs) with her to sit on. She has brown hair until about her ears and the rest is blonde. She's really pretty (once you get past the hair), but you can tell that she's probably had a bit of a bumpy ride on this road we call life.

Today she brought her oldest girl, who I have never seen before. Someone asked what her name was and she said her name is Mari*jayne.

Now I know I'm not nice but WHAT THE HELL?  Unless you live under a rock you know that "Mary Jane" is a name for pot, and yeah while looking at this family you just wonder if maybe "Mari*jayne" was conceived while smoking a little whacky tobaccy.

This woman has two other kids (that I've seen, maybe she has more I have no idea). The boy playing football has to be somewhere between 6-8 and she said she had him when she was 16. The little girl is older than the boy I'm pretty sure so I'm wondering if she was even younger when she conceived her. Oh and the boys name is something like "Cour*oisier", which she explained she didn't KNOW it was a name of an alcohol when she picked that name. She had heard the name on a talk show (Jerry Springer I'm guessing). The youngest boy has a really really weird name too, which she said was a great grandfather's name. Something that starts with a U and it's portuguese.

Now I'm all for naming your kids something different (although obviously I stick with pretty basic names myself-everyone wants to be able to find their name on a pencil at the mall), naming your kids after pot and alcohol and some scary old portuguese dead man seems a little bit out there.

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Stacy said...

We did this community outreach thing at our church one time and one of the things was a watermelon seed spitting contest (yeah, I know). I was trying to get the little boy who won the kids' division to tell me his name, which he did....screaming it louder each time I said "What?" I just couldn't wrap my brain cells around it and it would not compute. Finally, his father pronounced it and spelled it.....Fuqua (say it as Fewkwa). Oy.

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