Sunday, August 15, 2010

High School Reunion Party

Saturday night there was a "High School Reunion Party" down at our little bar. My friend wanted to dress up so I last minute went rummaging through my closet and came up with....NOTHING. Then I went to my mom's place and found .... nothing. Then I went through Jessica's closet (you know the styles have all been coming back!) and found a vest she bought at a thrift store that wasn't really working for me, some jeans I thought about wearing but would have to go commando in since they were SO LOW and I couldn't find a long enough shirt to cover the middle. Then I was looking in Scott's section of the closet and found one of his t shirts. I put that over a pair of capri leggings, went and stole a long necklace out of Jessica's dresser and PRESTO I was ready to go.

Lovely web cam pic :)

My friend showed up and was wearing what I would wear any day. She didn't even rat up her hair! And she's mexican! She was too cheap to go buy the aqua net lol.

(took out pictures because people are RUDE)
When we got there they were playing 50's music. Apparently they thought they should work their way up through the decades. No matter how much we complained we had to listen through all the years until FINALLY some shit that was worth dancing to. And by that time we were feeling no pain so I'm sure we looked GREAT on the dance floor.  We just about closed the place down and it was oh so much fun!!Pin It


Stacy said...

Sounds like a ton of fun! I hate getting ready for stuff like that. I agonize over what to wear. I hate those people who just throw on any old thing and look like they stepped out of a magazine. :P

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

YOU are not the only one. I"M in that club too damn it!! I am currently back on the wagon because somehow I have gained some weight. I have not been bad. If I am going to gain I would eat junk and ice cream. Damn it, sucks to gain because you had too much cauliflower and too much fruit.

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