Monday, August 2, 2010

Cactus Lady strikes again

So do you remember the cactus lady? The other day while we were working on the big shredding project I had to move this big poster/display box thing in front of the filing cabinet here on the side to get it out of the way of the shredder.  We had quite a few people sitting around the table and I couldn't get the door to the shredder open so I shoved the big huge box over.

A little while later cactus lady comes in and is holding a file in her hand.

"WHO PUT THIS HERE" she says motioning to the box.

"I did" I answer "I had to get it out of the way of the shredder"

"WELL YOU NEED TO MOVE IT" she barks back.

"Seriously?" I answer, thinking she can't possible want me to get up from what I'm doing to walk over and push this box out of the way. She does afterall have a free hand AND could easily move it herself.

"YES!" she answers back.

So I get up from what I'm doing and walk over and push it over. I was so pissed the whole rest of the day that someone that was my "friend" could basically talk to me and order me around like I'd maybe talk to my dog if he was REALLY PISSING ME OFF. 

The next day I get to work and go about my business but not going out of my way to be in her "area" so I have to talk to her at all. She comes in the back and does a little chatting like we're all best friends again. I just ignored her. Later I'm walking past the copier where she's standing and she's all

"How's it going"

"FINE" I answer abrutly and just keep on walking.

"Are you mad at me???" she asks

"A LITTLE BIT" I'm still walking

"How come?" she asks (like she doesnt' freaking know??)

"UMM YESTERDAY???" still walking

She said something after that but I have no idea what it was. I heard from a co-worker that she just couldn't understand why I was so mad about the whole situation. The co-worker told her that she did have a way of being a little "abrupt".

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MJ said...

Next time she tries to talk to you, I'm picturing this Matrix scene where Trinity slowmotions a fight scene. Do that. I don't like Cactus Lady. I'm more rude than you though, I would have told her to move it over with her foot or something. Condescending peolpe make me wanna get all ninja on their ass!

Mary~Momathon said...

I'm pretty sure I used to work there. In that case, you have all of my sympathy!

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