Monday, August 2, 2010

Busy busy day

Oh my dear friends I'm so sorry I just hit MAR on all my Google Reader Blogs. 1000+ behind and I don't even have a desk at work so I doubt I'd ever be able to catch up. That was after me sitting here at home for about an hour going through all the ones in the 10+ posts trying to get them down to a resonable number. Too overwhelming!

So the highlights of my day today were actually speaking to the Cactus Lady, nicely even, but only about work related things. Only took me a week to get over my hurt feelings. I'm such a tender heart I guess!

I got to go out to two field checks on opposite sides of the county today which took up basically all my time at work except for lunch. That was great since I didn't have a desk to use today. What's up with no one being out sick this week? And on a Monday to boot!

After work I came home for a few minutes and noticed there's a freaking gopher hole in my vegetable bed. Little F'er!! I need to get out there with some poison and try to get rid of him before he messes everything all up. I'm pretty sure I'm already losing my zucchini plant to squash bugs too. Stupid bugs!

OHHHH and you remember my neighbor? His mom has been in the hospital/care home for several months now. His cousin, uncle and a few neighbors have been looking out for him. He's particularly close to the neighbor next door. This morning (early) I saw Buddy Butch out there looking at their paper. I went back in the house and left a bit later and he was standing out in front of their house. Like waiting for them to wake up and come out to play. Rather heartbreaking. And creepy.

Went and picked up the kids from my inlaws (they helped me out today with Trevor) and read all about tyroid problems off of webmd to my mother in law. Probably a good thing she couldn't see all the links you can click on and learn you're dying from a bug bite or something lol.

Then off to Big 5, which is in the mall, to get Trevor a practice shirt to go over his pads. TG they actually had one and it fits, lucky us! Took his clothes into the bathroom in Penny's so he could change before practice.

Then went to practice.

Are as tired as I am yet?

Here he is in his getup.

Such a cute baby :)

Poor kid was so weighed down with all that padding. Never realized just how much padding football players wear. No wonder most of them are all buff. It takes a lot of muscles to wear all that AND be able to run.

Left the practice around 7 when Scott got there. My stomach was bothering me a bit and I was just tired and ready to go home.

Now that I've typed all that out I know why I'm so tired!
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Chris H said...

WEll done on even trying to catch up! Thanks for taking the time to read/comment on some of mine.
I am really behind too... trying to catch up!
Trevor looks sooooo cute.

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