Sunday, August 29, 2010

Just another day with the Rednecks

While I was busy doing laundry, picking up and dropping off kids all over the place, my husband has been working on a little project. He's been reroofing the garage. Which really means taking off the roof, building a whole new roof, putting up new siding and moving my washer and dryer from one side to the other.

He hasn't been able to finish all the framing on the actual roof because he had a shed along the one side. It was about one foot to far over for him to get it done.

So being a man, he wanted to move the shed over to where my rusty shed was (by the vegetable garden). Which really means unloading both sheds, moving the rusty shed and moving the huge wood shed all the way around the perimeter of our yard.

Yesterday he got his shed unloaded and dragged out into the middle of the driveway area. I was pretty sure he was going to

A. kill himself and
B. ruin the transmission and or someother important part on his little truck because
C. apparently it's easier to use a really small truck for a big job than a big truck and
D. he hates to ask anyone for help.

Sound like a man?

So he was standing there looking all defeated yesterday and I being the huge help I am I said "gee maybe you should ask someone to help you?"

and the heavens parted and the light beamed down
and he went and called the neighbor!

Today the neighbor came over and helped him move the shed. When I left to go pick up the kids they had it up on a trailer.

When I got home they had old rusty unloaded and out of the way.

AND they were attempting to get it on the concrete (with the little truck of course). They just about had it on there when it slipped a bit and was leaning into the dog pen. That's when I went to bookclub.

When I got back it was on the concrete and no one was
"killed or worse".
Thank God!

Poor old rusty is going to live on down the road at a neighbor's place. 
Hopefully he gets a paint job!
It's all good in the country!
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1 comment:

Chris H said...

lol.. what a mission. I would have gone out too!

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