Monday, November 7, 2011

Craft Desk, Ribbon, Fabric and Buster oh my!

Sunday was pretty awesome.
Because I finally found this!

Yes, that's the top of my desk. 
It's a freaking miracle. 
Hopefully I can keep it cleaned off for awhile so I can actually be crafty on it :) 
One of these days I should paint it and take off that ugly contact paper from 1992. 

Did I ever show you how I organize my ribbon? 
I LOVE ribbon. 
I accumulated a lot when I was making book marks.
It's hard to believe I haven't made any in about a year. I got a bit burnt out on them.

I pulled out the fall-ish vintage sheets and fabric I have picked up at the thrift stores. Trying to decide what to make. I'm thinking of making some aprons for the gals for Thanksgiving. Maybe..

I trimmed up the sheets (removed hems and such) and my two youngest had a BALL playing with the scraps. In fact my son was playing with them again tonight. Who knew that some pieces of fabric could provide hours of entertainment?

and then I was too tired to actually do anything so I read my book for awhile. 
Of course I had help for that too.

Oh and I almost forgot to mention that I did about twenty loads of laundry (not kidding) and put it all away.
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Byrd said...

man the putting away that laundry is worth a medal all on it's own!

Unknown said...

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Chris H said...

IMPRESSIVE! I am tidy like that too.... until I start working, then it gets in such a mess!

Christine said...

OMG!!! Now that's what I call a huge stash of goodness!

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