Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Early Thanksgiving Dinners Rock

We went to my aunt's house for a Thanksgiving dinner tonight. It was kind of crazy with her 2 kids, their kids, some extra kids and us. My dad, step mom and my step brother's son came over too. I took little helpings to eat hoping that there would be enough food for everyone. My aunt did all the work herself and I could tell she was exhausted. On the way home we were trying to figure out how old she is and I think she's getting close to 70. Not that you could tell to look at her. She's definitely aged well.

Tonight we learned a few lessons.

1.) If someone places a glass of booze on top of the refrigerator, "I" will be the one that opens the refrigerator, causing the glass to fall and break all over the floor.

2.) If you're child cries and you don't even get up I will think you are a bad mother.

3.) If my dad leaves without saying good bye I might be a bit pissed off.

4.) Some people should drink a lot less.

5.) Kids meeting cousins they barely know and hitting it off is pretty awesome.

All in all it was a pretty nice time with exception of me now smelling a bit like whiskey and coke after it rained off the top of the fridge but I guess there are worse things I could smell like.

I hope you all have a nice Thanksgiving! Make sure you wear your stretchy pants.Pin It

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