Monday, November 21, 2011

Girl's Treat

I'm so beat! Today has been a busy day. Work, dentist to get my crown (actually wasn't painful for the most part!), came home to kids that apparently tried to kill each other all day, a sink full of dishes (no surprise) and one frozen pizza to feed 5 people.

I just spent about an hour making my menu and shopping list for the week and I'm not even cooking Thanksgiving dinner.

So anyways! Saturday was Girl's Treat. Jessica (don't yell at me for putting pictures on here) and her boyfriend (hi Brian!) went with 5 other couples out to dinner, in a fancy limo and then skipped the dance. Silly kids. They didn't want to go to the dance apparently, so they went to his house and watched movies with his sister afterwards. (so they say)

Jessica's friend came over and did her hair again. Then she did the mirror pics. I don't know how teenagers can do these so well. I never know where to look. On a side note, maybe I should actually pick a color and paint the bathroom wall?

I made her pose for a few picture outside before we left.

We went to the "picture" house to take pictures.  

The girls all look so grown up. Look at the heels!! 

The boys? Look like boys to me :)

Aren't the flowers pretty? And her nails of course :)

I wasn't in a very good picture spot for the couples, but you get the idea :)

Brian and Jess

and then they drove off in the limo. 

Doesn't that look fun?
Sign me up, I want to go next time :)
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Christine said...

Everyone looked soooo stylished!!

Anonymous said...

You should post a better picture of Brian and I.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with the pictures she posted? aha

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